Refusing Corpses Infected Coronavirus Is not Taught in Islamic Sharia

Jakarta, MINA – Chairperson of the Central Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Fatwa Commission, Prof. Hasanudin AF said the rejection of corpses infected by Coronavirus or Covid-19 is not taught in Islamic law, provided that the bodies had been safely taken care of by the medical officer.

It was conveyed because of the rejection of corpses infected by coronavirus in a number of regions.

“I don’t think in Islam there is actually a rejection of the body. Wherever a Muslim is buried in his area or in another area it is all of God’s earth, basically so, “said Prof. Hasanuddin as quoted from Republika on Wednesday.

According to him, the medical staff had taken pains to handle the body safely and at the forefront to deal with the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, he also asked the public not to bother the medical staff by refusing the body.

“If it is medically safe, it means that the community is of fundamental concern. It should not be difficult for the medical officers who have already taken care of the body. If it is rejected again, then where else will it be sent, it will be troublesome, difficult, “he said.

“So there are no baseless worries that should not exist if it is safe,” he added.

The Professor of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta also appealed to the hospital or medical staff to conduct socialization to the public related to the management of the body.

According to him, medical staff must make an effort to convince the public that the body has taken care of is safe from the spread of coronavirus.

“It is necessary to inform the public that the body is safe, has followed the procedure. If it is safe, the people must be made aware of, “he explained.

As is known, the Ministry of Religion and various Islamic organizations have previously issued procedures for taking care of coronavirus patients’ bodies, ranging from bathing to burying them. It is done to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The handling of the corpses must be carried out by hospital health workers who have been appointed by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, not just anyone can take care of the funeral process. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)