Prevent Coronavirus with Prayer and Fasting

By: Bobby Herwibowo, The Leader of Askar Kauny

Covid-19 haunts humans in various parts of the world. Tens of thousands of lives died after being infected with the virus. Until now, no country has succeeded in finding anti-virus to fight covid-19.

But in the midst of this condition, a believer (Muslim) is taught not to despair. Maximizing endeavors accompanied by trust is the key to the coming of Allah’s help.

In addition to trying to do various things to prevent themselves from being infected with the coronavirus, such as physical distancing, a Muslim is obliged to get closer to asking God for help. The way is by praying.

The leader of Askar Kauny, Bobby Herwibowo explained that prayer is the spirit of the Mi’raj event of the Prophet Muhammad shalallahu alayhi wassalam.

Prayer is the only worship that Allah commands directly to the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, prayer has a myriad of features. According to Ustaz Bobby, praying is God’s help to his servant.

In the opening of Surah Al Isra, Allah said Glory be to Allah, who had run His servant (Muhammad) at night from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque which we had blessed around him so that we showed him some of our signs (greatness). Truly, He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

According to Ustaz Bobby, logically as questioned by the Quraish infidels, Isra Mi’raj namely the Prophet’s journey from the Haram to Aqsa Mosque continued to Sidratul Muntaha overnight could not be understood and accepted. Only with faith someone will justify the event.

Therefore, Bobby also invited Muslims in Indonesia to get closer to the relationship with God with prayer. With the hope that God will reduce his help from the Corona outbreak which is also being faced by the Indonesian people.

“(Isra Mi’raj) if it is measured using the human brain then that is not possible, but if you use God’s help and the power of God what is not possible for Allah. This is closely related if we keep the relationship with prayer to God.

What is not possible if Allah wants to say, Allah loves us, Allah will eliminate all these corona outbreaks. So, with kun fayakun everything will be OK, all God willing will heal, “Ustadz Bobby said in a brief tausiyah in his official You Tube account.

In addition to prayer, Bobby also explained a worship service that can be performed by a Muslim, especially during social distancing. Namely, fasting sunna. According to Ustaz Bobby, fasting is one of the solutions to the problems currently being faced. By fasting someone will be far healthier and avoid any disease.

“Fasting if we run it is safe for us. So work on it, and in social conditions getting fasted at home multiply fasting. Why? Because if we don’t move much only consume, the more fat congenital like to eat, do not move much, instead it will decrease stamina. Our health will be disrupted, but if we are fasting, God willing, we will be healthier, “he said.

However, according to Ustaz Bobby, the most important thing is to follow the sunnah of the Prophet. Because the Prophet always fasted two days a week namely on Monday and Thursday.

In an hadith explained the Prophet fasted Monday because that day was the day of his birth. While the Prophet fasted on Thursday because on that day all the acts of worship of a servant were raised to heaven. Apart from that, according to Him, a person who fasts will be kept away from the torments of hell.

“There is another argument that there is no servant who fasts a day for seeking the pleasure of Allah except Allah keep away from him with hellfire for 70 years.

Can you imagine that the city is kept away from hellfire just because of fasting, we hope in Allah with the fast we do because of Allah “God kept us from the coronavirus,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)