Yakhsyallah Mansur (Photo: Mirajnews)
Yakhsyallah Mansur (Photo: Mirajnews)

Bandar Lampung, 18 Shafar 1436/11 December 2014 (MINA) – KH. Yakhsyallah Mansur, MA from Shuffah Qur’an Abdullah Bin Mas’ud (SQABM), Lampung said Palestinian victory only could be achieved with efforts and patience.

“The destruction of the Israel and Palestinian independence are Allah’s decision. we must attempt to achive our goal. When Allah promised victory to Prophet Muhammad PBUH as he went to the Badr war and he was not silent. The effort is not easy but it takes patience, ” he said when he was  preaching dozens of Indonesian Hospital (RSI) volunteers in Gaza through teleconference, Wednesday Dec. 10.
According to him, the presence of volunteers in Gaza was an effort to help their brothers in Palestine who want independence from Israeli colonialism.

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He said, it was not easy to be volunteers in Gaza by leaving their wife and children. It required patience and they had to believe that Allah along with them.

“The person who is being tested must be the strong man. Why you are sent to Gaza because God knows you are strong men. Allah also tests your wife and children who you left because Allah knows they can face it, “said Mansur who also an International Ambassador of Al-Quds.

“We are sure that Palestine will get their independence. It is because we believe Allah and all Muslims supported Palestinians. We have to be patient,” said Mansur citing Palestinian Ambassador statement.

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Mansur advised the RSI volunteers in Gaza to strive professionally, increase the patience and continue their job well.

“The test must be hard. if it is not hard so it is not a test. You will get virtues of your patience, such as the giving good news from Allah in the form of blessings, grace, and guidance, ” he concluded.

The 19 volunteers from MER-C institution are currently completing the installation of medical equipments and Guest House construction of Indonesia Hospital in Gaza.

The Hospital whose shape adopted from the Dome of The Rock is scheduled to be handed over to the people of Gaza in early 2015. (L/P009/P3)

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