Palestinian Ulema: Normalization is A Religious and Humanitarian Crime

Gaza, MINA – The Palestinian Ulama Association in the Gaza Strip stated that normalization with the Israeli occupation is a “crime of religion and humanity, national treason, stabbing in Arabism and full bias against the enemy.”

It was stated in the scientific discussion “Normalization of Concept Review, Destiny and the Rule of Law,” on Wednesday with the participation of scholars, judges, professors, and the Palestinian branch of the International Muslim Ulema Association.

Chairman of the Palestinian Ulama Association, Sheikh Marwan Abu Ras said “There is no dispute that normalization is a crime of religion and humanity, treason, stabbing in Arabism, and full bias towards enemies against brothers in religion and belief.”

He added, “We declare that recognition and relations constitute complete allegiance to the enemy and overt hostility to Muslims, a violation of chastity, and promoting Jewish culture and beliefs.”

“It is a great sin to have compassion on the enemies of Allah and enmity for believers, based on the review of the verses of the Koran and the hadith of the Prophet,” he continued.

The statement was made in response to the move of the UAE and Bahrain to sign a normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation, at the White House, under the sponsorship of the US President. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)