Palestinian Child Spends 13 Days in Israeli Solitary Cells

Gaza, MINA – A Palestinian child Sanad Muqbel, 12, confirmed that the Israeli occupation prisons administration kept him in solitary cells for 13 days out of the 17 days he spent in detention, during which he was subjected to beatings and torture, as well as brutal violation of his rights as a child.

Sanad explained that a unit consists of about 40 soldiers stormed his family home at dawn on May 30 in the town of Beit Ummar in Hebron governorate, MINA’s contributor in Gaza reported on Friday

However, he was with one of his relatives at that time, so they delivered his family a summons to attend him for investigation, and his father accompanied him to Etzion Police Station the next day.

He said that the Israeli occupation forces in “Etzion” subjected him and his father to interrogation separately for about three hours, and did not allow his father to attend the interrogation with him, and one of the interrogators beat him while he was being transferred to another room in front of his father’s eyes, who fainted as a result.

Sanad indicated that the Israeli police kept him detained in a solitary room without a mattress or blanket, handcuffed his feet and hands, and turned on the cold air conditioning in the cell until the next day before he was transferred to another solitary cell in Megiddo Prison, where he stayed for (12) days, during which he was unable to bathing, while giving him bad food that he didn’t accept to eat most of the time. (L/MS/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)