Palestine Land Day, ASEAN Coalition: Take Israel to the ICC

Kuala Lumpur, MINA – In commemorating 44 years of Palestine Land Day, NGOs from countries in ASEAN call for International to take Israel to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“Israel must be held responsible and account for its war crimes and theft of land,” said the joint statement as received by MINA on Monday, March 30.

Israeli government’s expropriation of thousands of donums of Palestinian land was faced with strong resistance from the Palestinians and culminated into a deadly attack by Israeli troops. The resistance was against colonization.

“On this day Monday the 30th of March we commemorate the annual Land Day in Palestine,” the statement said.

The commemorating of the 1976 massacre of a protest against the dispossession of Palestinians by the Zionist regime. The carnage happened 42 years ago.

It is a clear right for the Palestinians to rise up collectively against the theft and overall settler colonial policies.

“We express our strong support to the Palestinian people to resist  the domination of space by the Zionist settler-colonial project. The project is to squeeze the Palestinians into as small area as possible to de-populate them from their land,” the statement added.

“We see clearly the end game of the constant process of colonising more and more indigenous land and the colonisation and appropriation of land from the Palestinians,”.

The illegal Israeli government would annex illegal settlements in the West Bank and exclude Palestinian neighbourhoods.

So, it is the Sovereignty Bill, would extend Israeli law to the settlements in the West Bank.

“We are extremely upset with the failure of the international community to implement the mechanisms that could prevent the colonisation of the West Bank and destruction of Gaza,” the statement said.

“We urge all NGOs and human rights acrivist to launch more creative and resilient ways to support further resistance movement against the Israeli land theft,” the statement added.

ASEAN Coalition for Palestine is consisted of Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations, Alliance of World Mosque In Defence of Al Aqsa, Ulama Assembly of Asia, Citizens International, Al Aqsa Working Group Indonesia, Council for Humanitarian Networking of the Sheikhul Islam Office Thailand, and Justice, and Development Association, Cambodia. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)