MPs Continue to Support Indonesian Initiatives’ Opposing Israeli Annexation

Jakarta, MINA – Member of Parliaments around the world continue to support Indonesia’s initiation to oppose and strongly reject Israel’s latest annexation of the Palestinian territories continues.

The Chairperson of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Body of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesians (BKSAP DPR RI) Fadli Zon stated since the Joint Statement was issued on July 1, 2020, currently it has received support from around 242 members of parliament from various countries.

Support from lawmakers from various countries including from Turkey, Jordan, United States, Maldives, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Brazil, Tunisia, Finland, Mauritania, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Tajikistan, England, Libya, Italy , South Africa and more.

The Vice President of the World Parliament League for Al-Quds is grateful that Israeli authorities had not executed the plan to annex the Palestinian West Bank region. However, he stressed that the plan must continue to be resisted.

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“We continue to garner support from parliaments from various countries. Now (annexation) has only been postponed and has not been canceled,” said Fadli when receiving a visit from the Aqsa Working Group (AWG) delegation at Fadli Zon Library Jakarta on Friday (July 10).

The AWG delegation is led by AWG General Chairman Agus Sudarmaji accompanied by AWG executive Aang Gunawan, Head Coverage of MINA News Agency Rana Setiawan and MINA reporter Abdullah.

The meeting discussed about joint efforts in countering Israel’s annexation and realizing a sovereign and independent Palestinian state.

Fadli also stressed that these steps to support Palestine must continue to be echoed. “I think this (effort) should continue to be echoed. Because this can be Indonesia,” he concluded.

In a Joint Statement of members of the world Parliament to oppose and strongly reject Israel’s latest annexation of the Palestinian territories reaffirming solidarity and commitment to the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination, and the creation of an independent Palestine.

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AWG General Chairman Agus Sudarmaji fully supports the initiation of the Indonesian Parliamentary Board of Representatives.

According to him, Palestine is one of the priority issues that Indonesia have to fights for in all international forums including the UN Security Council.

“We also call on world leaders to support and take steps to end the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories,” he said.

The latest annexation and previous annexations of the Palestinian territories further reduce the Palestinian territories, which even based on the latest Trump proposal will only be around 15% of the entire Palestinian territory before Israeli occupation.

Unilateral annexation in occupied territories is illegal under international law.

In January, the Trump administration supported a move by Israeli authorities to annex the West Bank region and he said it was part of the “Deal of the Century”.

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The annexation was planned to start on July 1. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed it because he had not received support from the US.

The annexation plan in most parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley was met with opposition from the international community, European, and Arab countries expressed their rejection.

This annexation extinguished Palestinian hopes of establishing an independent state according to state borders before the 1967 War. The area that would become Palestine should have included the West Bank and Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem as its capital.

AWG is an institution that focuses on raising aid to help the struggle of the Palestinian people and efforts to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The AWG, headquartered in Jakarta, was established as a follow up to the 2009 International Seminar on Al-Aqsa and Palestine. (LT/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)