Mosques in Gaza Reopened for Congregation Prayers

Photo: AP

Gaza, MINA – The Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs in Gaza decided to reopen mosques
throughout Gaza City and North Gaza for Friday prayers and five times a day, with strict Covid-19 prevention protocols.

The ministry confirmed in a statement on Friday that the provision excludes mosques in areas classified as red zones, such as Beit Hanoun and Turkmenistan in Shejaiya, Quds Press reported.

Two weeks ago the ministry allowed the reopening of mosques in Central and Southern Gaza after being closed for one and a half months.

The ministry stressed the need for all worshipers to comply with preventive measures, during their presence at the mosque. For each congregation also bring their own Al-Quran and prayer mats and maintain a distance between them.

“Pilgrims are also advised to perform ablution at home, pray only for healthy people, and prohibited from attending prayers in mosques for people who have infectious diseases. Women, children and the elderly have not been allowed to go to the mosque, ”the announcement said.

The ministry will continue to monitor the extent to which all mosques adhere to procedural precautions, and will not tolerate violations at all.

“The decision to open mosques in all regions is subject to continuous evaluation, in accordance with the development of the epidemiological situation in all regions,” he continued.

Mass activities are still not permitted, such as public lectures, memorizing graduations, commemorations or other collective activities.

Mosque administrators were also asked to continuously clean and sterilize the mosque, open all windows, maintain good ventilation and sterilize contact areas.

Previously, the Ministry of Waqf decided two weeks ago to open mosques in the Central and Southern Gaza regions with the same protocol procedure, after being closed for more than one and a half months due to the Corona pandemic. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)