More than 20 Palestinian Journalists Arrested by Israeli Force

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Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli Forces on Tuesday arrested Abdulrahman al-Thaher, a journalist and filmmaker at his home in the city of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

It becomes one of 20 Palestinian journalists who are right now arrested by Israel. Thus Middle East Eye reported.

Rasha al-Sayeh, Thaher’s wife said her family woke up to the sound of Israeli military jeeps and then heavy knocks on the doors of nearby houses at 2am, before soldiers arrived at their house and Thaher opened the door.

“The Israeli officer asked [Thaher] if he was ‘the famous journalist’,” Sayeh said. “He then requested to search the study and his personal belongings

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Thaher’s arrest by Israeli forces came shortly after the 38-year-old filmmaker had been detained by the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) preventive security apparatus on 19 August, as he was leaving his workplace at the An-Najah media centre in Nablus, where he produces and presents a number of TV programmes.

The charges behind Thaher’s arrest by Israeli forces had yet to be made public

Sayed, the couple’s eight-year-old son said he woke up and was surprised when Israel soldiers inside the house who terrified him.

“He (was) crying the whole time and demanding the return of his father,” Sayeh.

This is the first time that Abdelrahman has been arrested [by Israel], he is not engaged in any political activities, and we are unable to guess why he was arrested and prosecuted. Even his journalistic work does not constitute a reason to pursue him,” Sayed added.

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The Palestine International Forum for Information and Communication condemned Thaher’s arrest in a statement, adding that more than 20 Palestinian journalists were currently detained by Israel.

“We condemn the arrest of journalists, we affirm the freedom of journalists to do their work and we call on the (Israeli) occupying forces to immediately release Abdelrahman and all fellow journalists,” the statement said.

The film director holds a BA in architecture, yet has long worked in the media and arts field as a journalist and presenter, with programmes on channels including the Jordanian Roya TV, local Wattan TV and UK-based Al Araby TV.

Thaher has also produced a number of documentaries and satirical shows. (T/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)