MER-C Volunteers Distribute Milk to Gaza Babies in Refugee Tent

MER-C volunteers in the Gaza Strip distribute milk aid to babies in two refugee camps, Monday, March 4 2024. (Photo: MER-C)

Gaza, MINA – MER-C volunteers in the Gaza Strip distributed Indonesian aid to Gaza residents, amidst the ongoing Israeli attacks. This time MER-C distributed milk to babies in refugee camps on Monday.

“Apart from milk, MER-C also distributes milk bottles. This is the first time we are distributing milk because the price is currently quite high and the scarcity of this item is difficult to obtain. “So we distributed formula milk and milk bottles to refugees in two schools around the European Hospital,” said MER-C Volunteer Fikri Rofiul Haq, as received by MINA on Wednesday.

“The data we recorded shows that there are around 65 children under one year old in this refugee camp,” he said.

He said that MER-C could only distribute milk to children under one year old because conditions were very difficult. His party even needed days to collect 65 cans of milk.

“It should be noted that 15 children who died due to malnutrition or dehydration were being treated at the Kamal Udwan Hospital in North Gaza. “For this reason, more aid is needed to enter the Gaza Strip,” he said.

According to him, an immediate ceasefire is needed so that more aid can come in. Because during the previous ceasefire, there were 200 aid trucks that could enter the Gaza Strip.

Fikri further said that currently they have only been able to intensively distribute aid to the two schools where they took refuge because the situation does not yet allow them to move freely and further afield. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)