Kinds of Worships in the Month of Ramadan

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Because of the virtue of the month of Ramadan, every good and various good deeds are prioritized. So it’s not surprising, there are certain types of worship that are characteristic of the month of Ramadan.

Sheikh Abu Bakar Jabir Al-Jazairi in the book Minhajul Muslim describes the typical worship in the month of Ramadan. The following is explained:

1. The virtue of giving alms in the month of Ramadan.

There are many evidences that explain the virtue of giving alms in the month of Ramadan. One of them is the words of the Prophet, “Afdhalu as-shadaqati sadaqatun fi Ramadhan,”. Which means, “The most important charity is charity in the month of Ramadan,”.

It is explained that the Messenger of Allah was the most generous person among humans in doing good. And the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was also more generous in doing this good in the month of Ramadan, where the angel Gabriel came to him and offered prayers for him on the night of Lailatul Qadar.


2. Qiyamul lail

This is based on the hadith, “Man qaama Ramadhana imanan wahtisaban ghufira lahu maa taqaddama min dzanbih,”.  Which means, “Whoever does qiyamul lail in the month of Ramadan with full faith and hoping for Allah’s reward, then his past sins will be forgiven,”.

3. Reading the Quran

Because the Messenger of Allah recited the Qur’an more in the month of Ramadan and the angel Gabriel recited the Qur’an to him in the month of Ramadan. It was explained that the Prophet read the Quran in prayer longer in Ramadan than reading it in other months. One night Hudzaifah prayed with the Messenger of Allah, and she read Surah Al-Baqarah, then Ali Imran, and An-Nisa.

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Every time he reads a verse that warns about something scary, he stops for a moment to pray. He did not pray but two rak’ahs until Bilal came and gave the call to prayer.

This is as the words of the Prophet, “Fasting and the Quran will intercede for a servant on the Day of Resurrection.  Fasting said, ‘O Lord, I restrain him from eating and drinking during the day,’.  And the Qur’an says, ‘O Lord, I keep him from sleeping at night, so let us intercede for him.

4. Itikaf

That is staying in the mosque to perform worship as an effort to get closer to Allah. The Messenger of Allah always performed Itikaf for the last 10 days of Ramadan until Allah called him as mentioned in an authentic hadith.

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Rasulullah said, “Al-masjidu baitu kulli taqiyyi wa takallafallahu liman kaana al-masjidu baitahu birruhi warrahmati wal-jawaazi ala as-shirathi ila ridwanillahi ilal-jannati,”. Which means, “The mosque is a home for everyone who is pious, and Allah will guarantee for those who make the mosque their home by giving him love, mercy, and success through the footbridge to the pleasure of Allah to heaven,”.

5. Umrah

Namely making a pilgrimage to the Baitullah to perform tawaf and sai in the month of Ramadan.  (T/RE1)


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