Jama’ah Muslimin Condemns the Stabbing Attack on Syeikh Ali Jaber

Jakarta, MINA – The forum of Muslim Unity, Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) condemned the stabbing attack of Indonesian preacher, Syeikh Ali Jaber when he was attending ceremony of the Tahfidz Falahuddin House at the Falahuddin Mosque in Tanjung Karang Barat Subdistrict, Bandar Lampung City on Sunday, September 13.

“We condemn the attack, which is actually an attack on the peace of life in a religious atmosphere and at the same time a threat to the safety of the clerics and religious leaders in the country who have been known as examples of harmony in life between religious communities,” said the statement of Jama’ah Muslimin which received by MINA on Monday.

Jama’ah Muslimin urged the authorities to thoroughly investigate the perpetrators and reveal who might be behind them.

“The apparatus should work swiftly and professionally in order to avoid the impression that when it comes to the affairs of the disadvantaged Muslims, the legal process will be slow and the resolution is not serious. We also urge all law enforcers not to be afraid in upholding truth and justice,” the statement added.

The Forum of Muslim Unity also requested Indonesian Police to ensure the safety of religious leaders from all religions, as well as investigating anti-religious movements and matters of a religious nature from parties that are leaning towards communism, liberalism, secularism, Islamophobia and other ideas which are not willing to see the Indonesian nation united in peace and harmony.

“We remind all components of society to remain calm and be able to restrain themselves and not be provoked by attempts to fight against the sheep that may arise behind the incident,” the statement continued.

All elements of society, especially Muslims, to increase their vigilance in all situations and face this incident with a positive attitude while maintaining the spirit of togetherness and national unity.

“Especially to Al-Ustadz, Syeikh Ali Jaber and family, hopefully they will always be steadfast and happy to face this test and remain enthusiastic in preaching peace and truth as a form of Islam Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin,” the statement ended. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)