Jakarta Islamic School Holds “Drive Thru” Graduation

Jakarta Islamic School Holds "Drive Thru" Graduation (photo special)

Bekasi, MINA – Jakarta Islamic School (JISc) held a graduation with the concept of drive thru, on the JISc basketball court, Jalan Manunggal 1, Jatiwaringin, East Jakarta on Saturday ( June 27).

JISc Founder Hj. Fifi Proklawati Jubilea, M.Sc., P.hD said that the drive thru concept is carried out in accordance with the COVID 19 health protocol, Alhamdulillah still exercising the right of children to graduate.

“In addition, we have also coordinated with the local Ministry of National Education to hold graduations in accordance with the COVID-19 protocol, among which there is no mass gathering, and adequate hygiene facilities,” said Mam Fifi.

The Graduation Drive Thru was held at the JISc Kodam basketball court. The graduates came one by one according to a predetermined schedule. Graduates came by car with their parents.

“Then, get out of the car and check body temperature, enter the disinfectant booth and then go to the main stage, hand over the diploma, and take a picture with the family at the prepared spot. The graduation procession is finished, the graduates return to the car and immediately leave the school, “he said.

While the Principal of JISc Secondary School Aup Almaududi said that as many as 605 students underwent a graduation procession starting from Primary (SD) to Secondary (SMP-SMA). High school graduates will continue to various tertiary institutions in the country and abroad.

“We consider every child to be special and have their own abilities. For that reason, we give The Best prize for each graduate, there are the Best in Academic, The Best in English, The Best in Tahfiz, and others, “said Aup.

They are also accepted at leading universities in the country, some also continued to Turkey, Japan and Medina, “he explained.

JISc held a graduation with the theme “We Face Our Bright Future” with solemn attention this year without the appearance of children who are usually crowded on the main stage. However, the essence of graduation is still felt by the graduates.

Jakarta Islamic School is an international Islamic school that organizes kindergarten, elementary, junior high to high school education and integrates three curriculum: National, Islamic, and international (Edexcell).

Besides being located in East Jakarta, JISc can also be found in Depok, West Jakarta, and the Jakarta Islamic Boys Boarding School (JIBBs) and Jakarta Islamic Girls Boarding School (JIGSc) in Mega Mendung, Bogor. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)