Israelis Put Blood Color in Trump Square Fountain

Trump Fountain (photo special)

Tel Aviv, MINA – Israelis put blood color in Donald Trump Square fountain in downtown Israel, Petach Tikva, on Monday morning (June 29).

Unknown perpetrators have filled the fountain with fake red blood, and wrote a graffiti with the words “annexation will take our lives.” I24News report.

Acts of vandalism was made by residents in response to the annexation plan in the West Bank, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to start the move on July 1.

Some protests against the plan have been largely organized by left-wing groups.

They fear that the move will lead to renewed violence between Israel and Palestine and will end the long-sought two-state solution.

Jewish settlers in the West Bank have also voiced their opposition to the plan, saying it will lead to the destruction of many settlements.

“The annexation will cause us security and economic disasters, this is all because politicians play with fire at the expense of citizens during the economic crisis,” they said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)