Israeli Settlers Hold Sway Over Palestinian Lands in Nablus

Photo: PIC

Nablus, MINA – Israeli settlers on Tuesday fenced off Palestinian lands in Nablus’s southern town of Madama, paving the way for their confiscation, PIC reported.

Deputy head of Madama Village Council, Tal’at Ziada, said Israelis residing in Yitzhar illegal settlement put a barbed wire around Palestinian lands in al-Ka’dat village, south of Madama, in anticipation of their misappropriation.

According to Ziada, over recent months, Israeli settlers stepped up assault on Palestinian land and agricultural facilities. Lately, sand roads have been established by the Israelis to access Palestinian lands.

He added that such assaults have been carried out under the army’s escort and make part of underway attempts to annex more Palestinian land in favor of the Yitzhar outpost.

Ziada said Madama Village Council has reached out to the concerned authorities to prove Palestinians’ ownership of the targeted lands.(R/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)