Israeli Occupation Bulldozes Palestinian Agricultural Lands

Israeli Occupation Bulldozes Palestinian Agricultural Lands (photo: special)

Bethlehem, MINA The Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday Bulldozed palestinian agricultural lands in the “Khallet Al-Nahleh” area near the village of Wadi Rahal, south of Bethlehem and uprooted 100 olive seedlings.

The director of the Bethlehem Barrier and Settlement Resistance Authority office, Hassan Barijia said that the occupation bulldozed lands of one and a half acres of land belonging to Amer Abu Zgharit, and demolished retaining walls, under the pretext that it is an antiquities area, WAFA reported.

It is noteworthy that Khallet al-Nahlah is facing a settlement attack, represented by the seizure of 1,200 dunums, with the aim of establishing an outpost called “Givat Eitam”.

Israeli occupation also notified the demolition of barracks for raising sheep and cattle in the town of Tuqu ‘, southeast of Bethlehem.

The director of Tuqu ‘Municipality, Tayseer Abu Mufrah said that a force of the occupation army stormed the Al-Arbadiyya area, north of the town, and notified Brix of the demolition.

The occupation forces also threatened a number of farmers in the Al-Arbadiyah area, not to enter their lands and reclaim them.

Among them, Hassan Al-Sabah, who was summoned to meet the intelligence services in the Gush Ezion settlement compound, was known among them. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)