Photo: Ma'an News Agency
Photo: Ma’an News Agency

Al Quds, 17 Dhulqa’dah 1436/1 September 2015 (MINA) –  A number of Palestinian students in the al-Tur neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem were prevented from reaching their schools on Monday after Israeli forces completely closed the village’s main street with concrete blocks, locals told Ma’an.

Khalid Odah Abu Sbitan, a member in the parents committee in al-Tur schools, said that traffic was unable to travel along the main road and on Suliman al-Farisi street, making it difficult for children to reach three of the village’s schools, Ma’an News Agecny quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

He said that students aged 4-12 faced particular difficulty reaching their schools because of the blocks, and the parents committee had to organize the students so they could find a route avoiding them.

Abu Sbitan said that Suliman al-Farisi Street is the main and only entrance for two schools, Jabal al-Zayton and al-Mahaba wal-Eman kindergarten school, as well as a village mosque, known as Suliman al Farisi, the village cemetery, and Jabal al-Zaytoon club.

Israeli forces often seal off streets leading into al-Tur following clashes between local youths and Israeli forces.

The closures prevent the movement of residents and hinder crucial services including ambulances and school buses.

Al-Tur residents face frequent tension with Israeli forces and settlers who have been present in the area since Israel annexed the area in 1967 in a move never recognized by the international community.

Last week, Palestinian youth torched a private car belonging to settlers living in al-Tur. Israeli forces responded by storming the neighborhood and breaking into a Palestinian house looking for suspects, witnesses said.

The day before, the main entrance to the al-Khalla area of al-Tur was closed off by Israeli forces after an Israeli police vehicle was set on fire. (T/P010/R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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