Israeli Force Increases Interrogation to Palestinian Children

The Israeli army brings Palestinian children to dintergation (Photo: File / Arabi 21)

Hebron, MINA – Israeli occupation forces continue their decision to call Palestinian children for investigation at a security center.

Calling on children has become a rising phenomenon recently under the pretext that Palestinian children are throwing stones at Israeli security patrols, reports Arabian media21.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation forces stormed Hebron City on Wednesday night, July 31 and arrested a child known as Shalash Sidr (8 years) for an investigation.

Israeli occupation forces also raided home of a child, Malak on Al-Shalala Road in the center of Hebron. To his father, Israeli troops submitted investigative reports on charges of disturbing settlers.

Israeli occupation forces had previously summoned the son of Mohammed Al-Alian (4 years) from the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of throwing stones at occupation forces’ vehicles during his raid on the city.

Israeli occupation forces also summoned Qais Firas Obaid’s (6-year-old), a boy from Issawiya also under the pretext of throwing a box of juice to the troops.

On Thursday morning, Israeli occupation forces launched a massive arrest operation in the West Bank towns and villages, arrested more than 25 Palestinians, most of them were released again after being interrogated. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)