Israel Seizes Iftar Meals at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Quds, MINA – Israeli troops seized Ramadan Iftar meals near the Ashbat gate area of ​​the Aqsa Mosque and installed iron gate in that area.

Sources at Al-Quds said Israeli troops seized iftar meals of fasting congregants at the Ashbat gate area, Al-Quds, and prohibited pilgrims from being in the area ahead of the Mahgrib call to prayer.

In addition, Israeli forces installed iron crossings on the grounds and steps of the Amod gate, to prevent residents and youths from sitting at the location, Palinfo reported on Wednesday.

To reduce the sound of takbir, Israeli troops also destroyed the doors of the Maghoribah and Ashbat towers in the Aqsa Mosque area.

Previously, Islamic colleges and institutions of clerics and preachers in al-Quds called for intensifying attendance at the Aqsa al-Mubarak Mosque, and be vigilant as the month of Ramadan arrives, and protect its honor and cleanliness, while still paying attention to health protocols.

The two institutions said that all locations inside the fence are part of the Aqsa Mosque and the mosque can be used for prayer, recitation of the Quran and on alert. It is emphasized that all areas of al-Aqsa are places of prayer, including the mosque and its courtyards.

Muslims are called on to make Ramadan the door of goodness, ending conflicts in individuals, families and countries, Ramadan is a month of unity, tolerance and compassion.

Al-Quds activists also call for an intensification of their presence at the Aqsa Mosque, on alert, itikaf, as a form of defense against Israel’s conspiracy and monopoly. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)