Israel Discover A New Cross-Border Tunnels from Gaza Strip

Photo: Jack Guez

Gaza, MINA – Israel discovered a new cross-border tunnel from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Security forces said the tunnel stretched tens of meters underground and headed towards southern Israel.

The military said its engineers found the tunnels using underground sensors mounted on a concrete barrier that will operate 65 kilometers around Gaza. The military spokesman, Jonathan Conricus, said the new tunnel came from the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

The tunnel runs across the Israeli border and ends underground before reaching the barrier. “We haven’t seen an exit point from the tunnel. So you can conclude from that that the aim is not for terrorists to emerge from that location, but further inside Israel,” Conricus said as quoted from Republika.

Conricus said the military had yet to determine the culprit who built the tunnels, but Hamas is responsible. “Hamas is responsible for everything that comes from the Gaza Strip,” he said.

According to Conricus, the military will close the tunnels in the coming days. The Israeli military has recovered about 20 tunnels since the 2014 war.

Palestinians have used underground tunnels to smuggle all kinds of commercial goods into Gaza, as well as carry weapons for Hamas and other groups. Tunnels are also sometimes used to launch attacks inside Israel, which maintains a land and sea blockade on Gaza. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)