Iran Claims As 80 US Troops Killed in Missile Attack on Iraq

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed about 80 United States troops were killed and 200 others injured in an Iranian missile attack on Wednesday morning.

“According to accurate reports from our sources around Al-Asad, at least 80 American soldiers were killed and around 200 injured, which will soon be moved out of the airbase using helicopters,” a source said as quoted by Mehrnews.

The death toll is inversely proportional to the statement of the US President , Donald Trump. He said the US troops in Iraq were safe after the Iranian missile attack.

“Everything is fine. We are now counting the damage and casualties. So far everything is good. We have the strongest and most complete army in the world so far. I will give a statement tomorrow morning,” Trump said via Twitter, as quoted by CNN.

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One of the top US officials said the base had a missile attack warning system that was active when an incident occurred. According to him, it made all the soldiers could take refuge in the dungeon on time.

Around 20 points in Al Asad’s military base were reportedly hit by 15 Iranian missiles. While a number of unmanned aircraft and helicopters were reported destroyed.

“Despite the fact that America has been on standby, their air defenses are unable to respond to air strikes,” he said.

The same source also mentioned that around 104 important points in the US military base had been identified.

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“As many as 104 important points in the US airbases in the region have been identified, which could have been destroyed by the US attitude,” he said.

Al Asad’s military base is the second largest base of the US for the Army, Navy and Air. Since 2014, the operations of the Al Asad base have been taken over by the US which is also a base for Danish and Australian troops.

The IRGC was targeting two US-owned airbases, Al Asad and Erbil in Iraq, to ​​retaliate against the attacks ordered by Trump to kill Major General Qasem Soleimani.

At least nine rockets hit two US military bases at Iraqi airbases. Security sources said the attack occurred after the pro-Tehran faction committed to join together in retaliating against the US. (T/RE1/P2)

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