International Conference on Palestinian Diaspora Kicks off in Turkey

Unifying diaspora : Palestinian youth reassert their national identity.


Istanbul, 28 Jumadil Awwal 1438/26 February 2017 (MINA) – The first international conference of the Palestinians in exile opened here on Saturday, with a broad participation.

“The conference reflects a sincere expression that our people abroad are determined to get their rights, achieve fair demands, liberate territories, end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent state,” KUNA quoted Hisham Abu Mahfouz, the head of the organizing committee, as saying in his opening speech.

He added that Palestinian people abroad seek to be engaged in different Palestinian platforms.

The event is an embodiment of cohesion amongst Palestinians live at home and abroad, he said, indicating that Palestinians staying overseas are a main pillar in supporting their brothers at home.

Abu Mahfouz underlined the necessity of coordination amongst Palestinian communities and unions all over the world, and launch common projects to serve the Palestinian cause.

He further said that “we are here to send a message to the Palestinians at home to end the current division so as to unify efforts in resisting the Israeli occupation.”

Meanwhile, the conference’s chairman, Anees Qassim, said “we have passed through many tragedies, but the worst one is the Oslo Accords so we must work together to destroy it.

He called for restoring the rights of the Palestinian diaspora from Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Up to 5,000 Palestinians headed to Istanbul to take part in the two-day event.

The number of Palestinians live outside Palestine, mainly in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Gulf, is estimated at five million.

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)