International Conference of Palestinian Defense of Scholars will be Held in Beirut

Sheikh Maher Hamood (doc;Almanar)

Beirut, MINA – A conference to commemorate the Balfour Declaration will be held on Nov. 1-2 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Chairman of the Union of Palestinian Defense of Scholars, Sheikh Maher Hamod said the conference would bring together scholars from various countries who have concern for the Palestinians.

It was announced by Hamod in a statement to the MINA News Agency on Thursday (26/10). The conference, entitled “Palestine between the Balfour Declaration and the Promise of God” will be attended by scholars and intellectuals from 80 countries.

Maher said, there are still many scholars who are not respect to the struggle and independence of Palestine, sadly many of them are submissive to the power rather than the truth.

“Ulama should have a soul fighting, independent, honest, straight and strong conscience and knowledge so as not to become a tool of interest of the rulers,” he said.

Maher continues, this conference will be a bright spot on the way to the liberation of Palestine as well as a call to awaken a drowning people with all forms of Zionist conspiracy.

“This moment is a mirror of how weak and worsening Muslims are today, Muslims are fighting each other, losing self-confidence and caring, egoism, with many interests in the name of Islam such as ISIS, terrorism and radicalism,” he said.

Maher further asserted that the Balfour Declaration formed by the British is the beginning of Zionist occupation of Palestine, it had a major impact after the first world war with the subsequent destruction of the Caliphate of Oottoman and the agreement of the Skyes Ppicot Agreement that successfully divide the Muslim Ummah into a small country state.

From Indonesia, Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) will attend this conference as an invitation, as well as representatives from Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).(L/R04/RS5)
Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)