International Astronomy Center : Beginning of Ramadan, Thursday 23 March

Abu Dhabi, MINA – The International Astronomy Center (Markaz Al-Falak ad-Dauly) based in Abu Dhabi said, based on astronomical predictions, the start of Ramadan this year will fall on Thursday, March 23. Al-Arabiya reported on Saturday.

The agency said several countries started the month of Sha’ban on Tuesday, February 21. These countries will observe the initial crescent moon of Ramadan on Tuesday, March 21.

While many other countries start the month of Sha’ban on Wednesday, February 22, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. These countries will observe the first crescent of Ramadan on Wednesday, March 22.

The center’s director, Muhammad Shawkat Odeh, said on his agency’s official website, “Countries that will observe the crescent moon on Tuesday, March 21, will not be able to see it, because the moon sets before the sun, and conjunction occurs after sunset.

Thus, these countries will complete the 30-day month of Sha’ban, so that Thursday, March 23, is the first day of Ramadan.

“As for countries that will monitor the crescent moon on Wednesday, March 22, seeing the crescent moon on that day is possible by using telescopes from the east of the world,” he said.

“Most of these countries are expected to announce the sighting of the crescent moon on that day, so Thursday, March 23 will be the first month of Ramadan as well,” he continued. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)