Indonesia’s Exports Grow up 14% on July

ilustration (photo special)

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said the monthly export value of Indonesia on July grew up 14.33 percent to US$13.73 billion compared to US$12.01 billion in June.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto said that even though it grew on a monthly basis, when compared to July last year it was still down 9.9 percent from a value of US$15.24 billion.

“Exports have started to move positively on a monthly basis, although they have not returned to normal on an annual basis, which is still declining because it takes time for recovery,” Suhariyanto explained in a virtual press conference on Tuesday.

He said that on a monthly basis there was an increase in oil and gas exports by 23.77 percent from US$0.57 billion to US$0.70 billion due to an increase in oil and gas prices and export volume.

“During June to July, there was a development in the ICP price which rose from US$36.68 per barrel to US$40.64 per barrel or an increase of 10.8 percent on a monthly basis although annually it was still down 33.72 percent,” explained Suhariyanto.

Then, non-oil and gas exports in July increased by 13.86 percent on a monthly basis from US$11.44 billion to US$13.03 billion due to increased prices for several commodities such as palm oil by 6.53 percent on a monthly basis and 27.63 percent on an annual basis.

Furthermore, the price of rubber also increased by 5.92 percent on a monthly basis, but decreased by 11.05 percent on an annual basis, and the price of gold increased by 6.6 percent on a monthly basis and 30.69 percent on an annual basis. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)