Indonesian Ulema Council Calls on Myanmar Leaders to Protect Minority Groups

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in the Field of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation (HLNKI) called on the authorities in Myanmar to implement the UN Resolution (December 2019) to protect all minority groups.

MUI said the group was included in the Muslim minority in Myanmar, and the trial of human rights perpetrators against the Muslim Rohingya minority, according to a written statement received by MINA on Friday.

MUI’s statement was conveyed in the official letter of the Chairman of the HLNKI Commission, Drs. Bunyan Saptomo, MA and Commission Secretary Dr. Andy Hadiyanto, MA, as well as the Head of HLNKI Division Prof. Dr. Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, MA and Deputy for HLNKI Dr. Ali Hasan Bahr, MA ..

In the letter, the MUI also called on the authorities in Myanmar to follow up on the decision of the International Court of Justice ordering the Myanmar government to use all its means and capabilities to prevent possible genocide against Myanmar Muslims from continuing.

In connection with the news regarding the Coup by the Military in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, MUI also expressed the stance that as a representative of the Indonesian Muslims it supports the Indonesian Government’s statement that the closeness of all parties who hold themselves back and put forward dialogue to find solutions to existing problems, so that the situation does not worsen.

MUI hopes that the dialogue requested by the Indonesian government will be carried out by involving all components of Myanmar society, including the Muslim community there, including Rohingya Muslims who have experienced discrimination, murder and forced evictions.

The MUI also calls on all elements of society, Muslim leaders, Muslim organizations in Indonesia and Muslim civil society organizations in various parts of the country to take part in observing Myanmar so that violence and human rights against all groups, including Muslims in Myanmar being practiced by the organization.

MUI hopes that the Indonesian government can foster cooperation with ASEAN, OIC and UN member countries to ensure that the political turmoil in Myanmar does not worsen the condition of Indonesian citizens (WNI) residing in Myanmar and the condition of the Muslim community in the country, including Rohingya Muslims.

MUI asked the Indonesian government, in this case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, to convey the stance of MUI, which represents the concern of Muslims throughout Indonesia, to the Rulers of Myanmar. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)