Indonesian Ulema Begins to Make Standardization for Preacher

Indonesian Ulema Begins to Make Standardization for Preacher (photo: special)

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) began to make standardization for preachers by inviting parties who had been active in the community to unite their vision in the preaching step.

“They will be recommended by MUI as preachers. The subject matter in broad outline covers Islamic insights, nationalist insights, and methods of da’wah, “said the Chairman of Da’wah Commission and Community Floating Committee, Cholil Nafis in a written statement in Jakarta on Tuesday, November 19.

He explained the Wasathi (moderate) Islamic Insights material reviewed about Islamic understanding taught by the Prophet Muhammad and explained by his friends.

“Islam wasathi as the mainstream of Indonesian Islam. Following the aqeedah Ahlussunnah wal-jamaah. Islam is neither extreme right nor extreme left, “he added.

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Nationality Insights are described in connection with the national agreement (al-ittagaqaat al-wathaniyah). The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia according to Islamic teachings, is final and binding.

Love of the motherland is a part of Faith. Defending the country is part of implementing Islam.

The agreed method of da’wah is that which strengthens Islamic religion while strengthening unity within Indonesian frame. The issue of khilafiyah must be tolerated and respect for differences. But the problem of deviation (inhiraf) blasphemy of religion must be amputated.

The purpose of preacher standardization is to unite the perception (taswiyatul afkar) in developing Islamic teachings and coordinating the steps of da’wah (tansiqul harakah), so that it can maximize in spreading da’wah Islamiyah.

At the end of event, all of the preachers agreed to develop Wasathi’s Islamic da’wah and maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. (T/Sj/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)