Indonesian Presiden’s Annual Speech, Talks About Energy Independence In The Middle Of Crisis

Jakarta, MINA – President Joko Widodo said that currently Indonesia is working to build energy independence amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He gave an example of this through the 30 percent biodiesel blending program or B30.

Joko Widodo said this in his speech at the MPR RI Annual Session and the 2020 DPR & DPD RI Joint Session at the MPR / DPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta on Friday.

“Great efforts have also been made and are being made to build energy independence. In 2019, we have succeeded in producing and using B20. This year we start with B30, so that we can reduce the value of our oil imports in 2019, “said Joko Wododo.

He revealed that currently Pertamina is working with a number of researchers to produce D100 or 100 percent diesel fuel derived from palm oil in two refineries.

“This will absorb a minimum of 1 million tons of palm oil produced by farmers for a production capacity of 20 thousand barrels per day,” he explained.

To achieve these efforts, according to Presiden work patterns must also prioritize efficiency, collaboration and the use of technology.

“National discipline and national productivity must be improved. Don’t waste the lessons a crisis gives you. Don’t let a crisis produce a setback. It is precisely the momentum of this crisis that we must hijack to make a leap of progress, ” he said. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)