Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Treats Dozens of Victims of Israeli Aggression

Gaza, MINA – Israel’s aggression into the Gaza Strip for three days which began on Friday has resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The Indonesian Hospital in Bayt Lahiya, as the largest hospital in northern Gaza, helped treat up to tens of victims of the Israeli attack.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health released the number of victims due to the Israeli aggression until Sunday at 11: 25 p.m local time, which reached 44 people died and 360 people were injured. Women, the elderly and even children were not spared the targets of Israeli brutality.

One of the MER-C volunteers in the Gaza Strip, Reza Aldilla Kurniawan, reported that since Israel started the attack, the Indonesian Hospital has handled at least 8 deaths (martyrdom) and 54 injured victims.

Reza said the Emergency Room (IGD) was the busiest room in the Indonesian Hospital after the attack occurred. The emergency room, which is named after one of the heroes from Aceh, namely Tengku Chik Ditiro, continues to receive victims of Israeli attacks with various degrees of injury to seek immediate medical attention.

“Besides the emergency room, the mortuary at the Indonesian Hospital is also a crowded place for Gazans to visit. They are the families of the martyred victims or Gazans who want to see their family members or friends who are victims. When there are people who are martyred, other Gazans are busy accompanying the bodies of the martyrs to be taken to their final resting places,” said Reza.

He also said that during the attack, the vibration was quite strong and the sound of explosions could be heard clearly from Wisma dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, where Indonesian volunteers live while on duty in the Gaza Strip, which is inside the Indonesian Hospital complex.

The existence of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza becomes very crucial, especially at the time of an attack like today. The Indonesian Hospital became the main hospital for the victims of the attacks in northern Gaza to receive treatment and medical assistance.

Since it was opened at the end of 2015, until now MER-C is still continuing to develop at the Indonesian Hospital, both in terms of the building which has become 4 floors and medical equipment which continues to be gradually equipped according to the needs of Gaza residents.

All of this was made possible because of the prayers and donations from the Indonesian people, as well as the hard work of the volunteers (unpaid volunteers), the support of the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy and all parties involved during the construction process of the Indonesian Hospital.

Hopefully, the Indonesian Hospital can continue to be useful and become a form of long-term support for the Indonesian people for Palestine until Palestine achieves its independence. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)