Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Become Referral for COVID-19 Patients

Gaza, MINA – The soaring number of Covid-19 cases in the Gaza strip has caused the incomplete Indonesian Hospital to become a referral hospital for positive COVID-19 patients.

Ir. Edy Wahyudi Site Manager for the second phase of the construction of the Indonesian Hospital which is currently in Gaza said, since the sudden outbreak of a virus attack and 100 positive victims in just one night outside of the quarantine on the Gaza Strip, namely on August 25, then the Hospital Management asked for the third floor of the Indonesian Hospital which has not been handed over by the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

“Initially, only two rooms were requested but once there was an explosion in the number of victims of the COVID-19 virus attack, which was so large, finally almost the entire third floor of the Indonesian hospital was asked to be used,” said Edy to MINA on Friday.

“Indonesian hospital staff, both doctors and paramedics, continue to work day and night to receive people who have interacted with victims who died from COVID-19,” he added.

Edy also said that currently Indonesian hospital health workers are experiencing fatigue because they had to treat patients for 24 hours. At least two doctors, one paramedic and one janitor from an Indonesian hospital are also infected by COVID-19.

Data from the Gaza Ministry of Health as of Thursday, the number of new samples examined is 1421, around 98 people are infected in the last 24 hours, a cumulative total of 581 infected cases, 76 recovered patients and 5 deaths (4 of in the community and 1 from returning).

The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza is an initiation of the Humanitarian Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) which is in collaboration with the Al-Fatah Indonesian Islamic Boarding School. In the second phase of construction, 31 volunteers were sent to the Gaza Strip. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)