Indonesian Gold Medalists Promised Rp1.5 Billion


Kudus, Central Java, MINA – Indonesian athletes who win gold medals in the upcoming Asian Games have been promised Rp1.5 billion (more than US$100,000) each.

“This bonus will be the highest in the history of Asian Games,” Indonesian Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi was quoted by Antara News as saying here on Wednesday.

He stated that it was the gold medal that would determine the ranking, and so the gold medal must be the reference for athletes to motivate themselves.

Nahrawi hoped that with the big bonus offered to them, athletes would be motivated to do their best to make an achievement.

Indonesia has set a target to be included in the biggest tenth or collecting around 16 gold medals from the event, he noted.

The four-yearly biggest Asian sporting event scheduled in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, will be attended by 45 countries that will compete in 463 disciplines from 40 sport branches (T/RS5/SR1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MNA)

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