Indonesian Aqsa Working Group Condemns Israeli Attack at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Bogor, MINA – The humanitarian organization who concerned with the struggle of Palestinian and liberation of Aqsa Mosque, Aqsa Working Group condemned Israeli forces attack against Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“We condemn the acts of violence against Palestinian Muslims at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound during the month of Ramadan by the Israeli apartheid forces,” said the chairman of the AWG Presidium, M Anshorullah to MINA on Sunday.

He said that in fact it is not only a crime and a violation of the right to freedom of religion as an integral part of human rights, but as a form of harassment of Muslim houses of worship and desecration of the sanctity of the month of Ramadan.

“The devotion of Muslim Palestinians in Al Quds in carrying out religious practices since the beginning of Ramadan has been disturbed by the Israeli forces with various intimidations and provocations: prohibiting the call to prayer, prohibiting breaking the fast (iftar) in the Al Aqsa complex, confiscation of food for breaking the fast and other provocative actions,” said Anshorullah.

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The climax was that on the night of Ramadan 26/May 7, Israeli forces attacked worshipers at the Dome of The Rock and the al-Qibli Mosque inside the Al Aqsa Complex with stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Palestinian youths fought back by pelting Israeli soldiers with stones and glass bottles.

More than 200 worshipers were injured in connection with the violence and brutal actions of the Israeli army, the Al Aqsa Working Group (AWG) Indonesia delivered the following condemnation and call:

First, strongly condemn the brutal actions of the Israeli apartheid army against Palestinians who are undergoing Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

The violence and brutal actions of the Israeli army constitute a clear violation of various international commitments on religious freedom, including freedom of religion as regulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, one of which includes religious freedom.

Second, the actions of the Israeli army clearly demonstrate to the international public that the Israeli government is harassing Islam and the symbol of the house of worship (Al Aqsa).


They have tarnished the sanctity of the month of Ramadan and provoked Muslims who were practicing worship.

Moreover, Al Aqsa Mosque is a place of worship that should be respected and protected internationally, as Islam also commands to protect places of worship of other religions.
(Surah Al Hajj: 40).

Third, strictly warn the Israeli apartheid army and its supporters, that in fact your defeat is drawing near and your destruction is becoming more real.

“You will be overwhelmed and haunted by fear and anxiety about the victory of the Muslims and the return of the Al Aqsa Mosque to the laps of the Muslims, because Allah’s promise is undoubtedly and certain to come true” (Surah Al Isra: 5-7).

Fourth, urge the international community, Islamic countries and Muslims in general to unanimously and completely oppose all forms of violence and provocative actions between Israelis, because these actions clearly injure religious freedom, disturb humanity and human rights.


Fifth, call on the leaders of Islamic countries and the Islamic ummah in general that the suffering of Muslims in a place or country is the responsibility of all Muslims as one inseparable body. Indeed, all Muslims throughout the world are brothers (Surah Al Hujuraat: 10).

Sixth, encouraging the Indonesian government to appear more advanced and assertive in supporting Palestinian independence as well as to condemn the barbaric acts of the Israeli apartheid zionist authority.

Seventh, to the Muslims and Palestinians, they are called for to be steadfast, patient, and continue to promote resistance, defend the glory of the Al Aqsa Mosque and fight for the confiscated Palestinian land. Verily, help Allah
very close.

Eighth, to Muslims and all elements of society who care about human values ​​to fulfill their social media timeline with a cry: Free Al Aqsa, Defend Palestine. Allah is the Greatest! #AlAqsaHaqquna – #FreePalestine – #IsraelApartheid. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)