Indonesia Willing to Help Develop Afghan Islamic Banking System

Kabul, MINA — Indonesian embassy officials in Kabul said their country is willing to provide technical assistance to Afghan banks as the country develops its Islamic banking sector.

Sam Aryadi, Indonesia’s acting ambassador and head of their public and socio-cultural affairs department, told TOLOnews in an interview that Indonesia is trying to expand relations between Afghan and Indonesian banks.

“I think we can cooperate in that matter, we learned that some of Afghanistan’s banks have connections with the Indonesian banking industry and they have already held talks and made some commitments; as you know a trade delegation from Afghanistan went to Indonesia, including members of the banking industry; I think it will bring a beneficial result in the years to come,” said Aryadi.

Some economists meanwhile asked government to create the basis for joint ventures with Indonesia in order to promote Islamic banking in Afghanistan.

Economists said considering the capabilities of Indonesia and Malaysia, in terms of global Islamic banking, the assistance of these counties was vital in the development of Afghanistan’s Islamic banking sector.

“If the National Unity Government promotes Islamic banking in the country and with joint investments with Indonesia in this sector provides the ground for the establishment of joint Islamic banks in the country, this can improve the banking system of the country,” said Sayed Masoud a university lecturer.

Economic experts said that by expanding standard Islamic banking services in the country, a large number of Afghans will invest in various sectors. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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