Indonesia Proposes UNSC Resolution to Reject Trump’s Plan on Palestine

the Indonesian Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York (photo: Special)

Washington, MINA – Indonesia is trying to submit a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council (UN) which rejects the Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal the idea of ​​the United States newly released by President Donald Trump.

The draft resolution initiated by Indonesia and Tunisia focused on rejecting Israel’s plan to annex illegal settlement areas in the West Bank, Palestine, which was contained in Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace proposal.

The official representative of the Middle East Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahimsa Sukartono confirmed the steps being taken by Indonesia at the UNSC. According to him, this is one form of Indonesia’s commitment in fighting for Palestinian independence.

“Yes, the rest of this effort can be seen at the Indonesian Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York,” Ahimsa said at a press conference at the Palestinian embassy in Jakarta on Wednesday, February 5.

According to Haaretz’s report, diplomats at the UN Security Council will begin negotiations on the draft resolution this week. Some consider that the draft will most likely be vetoed by the United States.

However, Ahimsa said that Indonesia and the state would continue to try to propose similar measures to oppose the Trump peace agreement which he claimed was the Deal of the Century.

One of the core of the draft resolution is “emphasizing the illegality of annexation of every part” of the occupied Palestinian territories of Israel. The draft also condemned the statement in the Trump agreement that legalized Israel’s annexation of the Palestinian territories.

On the same occasion, the Palestinian Deputy Ambassador in Jakarta, Taher Ibrahim Abdallah Hamad, said President Mahmoud Abbas would also fly to New York to take part in the UNSC meeting on 11 February.

Hamad said Abbas’s trip to New York was aimed at discussing the continuation of the UNSC response to the Trump-Palestinian peace agreement.

Hamad reiterated that all Palestinians and the government reject the idea which is considered biased. He said the Trump idea agreement was only between America and Israel. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)