Indonesia Exports 12 Tons of Garlic to Taiwan

Indonesia Exports 12 Tons of Garlic to Taiwan (photo special)

Tangerang, MINA – As 12 tons of garlic from Parakan Temanggung, Indonesia are planned to be exported to Taiwan.

President Director of PT. Tajie Pratama Indonesia, Miming Juanita Tjugiarto said he is happy with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture for 3 years developing garlic in the country.

“The market for garlic is still wide open. I can only export 12 tons of the 500 tons demand from Taiwan,” Miming saidnas quoted by MINA on Saturday, August 15.

In the preparation process starting from cleaning the leaves, roots and dirt is not easy and fast. All need a lot of process and labor.

According to Miming, Taiwanese people really like the aroma of garlic from Indonesia. They call Indonesian garlic “xiang suan” which means fragrant garlic.

“It doesn’t matter with the price, but the size needs to be considered. Taiwan’s request is currently over 3 cm in diameter. ”

Until now, Taiwan has imported a lot of garlic from Spain, at a further distance than from Indonesia. This opportunity could be exploited if the bulb size and price of garlic from Indonesia could be more competitive.

He asked the Government to continue to foster farmers so that they can carry out correct and export-oriented cultivation techniques. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)