Indonesia Cancel Hajj Pilgrims, Muhammadiyah: That is the Right Step

Jakarta, MINA – Responding to the Ministry of Religion’s decision to cancel the departure of Indonesian pilgrims in 2020, the General Secretary of the Islamic organizations in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu’ti said, the decision is the right and timely step.

The decision to cancel the departure of pilgrims announced by the Minister of Religion Fachrul Razi on Tuesday was made in view of the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting almost all parts of the world, including Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

“Shariah does not violate because among the requirements of the hajj pilgrimage besides being economically, health, mental, and religious, it is also safe during travel. The law also does not violate. “In the absence of the Saudi Arabian Government’s decision regarding hajj, it is very difficult for the Indonesian government to be able to hold the hajj this year,” said Mu’ti.

Mu’ti also said there are three consequences that must be given a solution. First, the pilgrimage queue is getting longer.

Second, hajj costs are already incurred by the community and may be managed by the hajj bureau and KBIH.

Third, the accountability of the Hajj State Budget funds.

“The community, especially Muslims, should remain calm and be able to understand the Government’s decision. The situation is indeed an emergency. Everyone should pray that Covid-19 can be overcome immediately, “he concluded. (R/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)