Imaamul Muslimin: The Calendar for Muslims is Hijriyah

South Lampung, MINA – Imaamul Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur said that Muslims should stick to the Hijriyah calendar because it is the calendar of the Islamic ummah.

He conveyed this when he was the main speaker at the Tabligh Akbar Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) in the Lampung region in Jati Agung village, South Lampung, Sunday (13/9).

There are many virtues in the Hijriyah calendar, even the Islamic laws are all timed based on the Hijriyah calendar.

“Hijriyah is very important if it is AD for the state, but for the provisions of the Shari’a it is not used but the one used is the Hijriyah calendar,” Imaamul Muslimin at Tabligh Akbar Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) in the Lampung region, Jati Agung village, South Lampung on Sunday.

Imaam also explained like determining the month of fasting, it cannot be determined by the month of Christ, it is certain with the Hijriyah calendar in the month of Ramadan. Even determining the woman’s Iddah period with the Hijri month.

Initially, this was what Allah inspired to the friends of Prophet Muhammad. Friends in deliberation must have their own calendar.

“In determining the Hijriyah calendar, the companions have many opinions, from Ali bin Abi Talib saying the Prophet’s hijrah, and Umar bin Khattab agreed on which one is haq and which is vanity,” he said.

In the end, Rasulullah agreed on the name Muharram for the first month of Hijriyah for two reasons, Muharram as the month of preparation and Dzulhijjah as the last month, because people who performed Hajj, they returned to their normal activities. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)