Hamas: Ongoing Talks to End Siege of Gaza Effort to Beautify Israel

Cairo, MINA – Senior Hamas leader and Palestinian MP Yahya Musa said yesterday that all initiatives being proposed aim to beautify the image of the Israeli occupation and the reduce the pressure being placed on it, MEMO reported.

“Ongoing proposals do not treat crises but they work only like painkillers that give a deceptive image of a bitter reality,” he said, stressing that “nothing has yet changed.”

“Hamas’ position is very clear regarding all the initiatives. All we need is to completely lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. Any measure which does not end the siege is aimed only at reinforcing the occupation and is a means to legitimise the collective punishment.”

When asked what Israel would get in return for lifting the siege, Musa asked: “Does the criminal deserve a reward when it ends the siege imposed on our people? What shall we give? We have nothing to give as the occupation had stolen everything from us.”

Israeli TV Channel 10 reported an Israeli source involved in the Egyptian and UN efforts to reach a solution regarding Gaza saying that “there is massive pressure being put on all sides to reach a deal on Gaza.”(R/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) 

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