Hamas Expects OIC Summit To Get Real Ways Of Result For Fighting of Palestine

Hamas-DR. Ismail Ridwan
Hamas-DR. Ismail Ridwan

Gaza, 27 Jumadilawwal 1437 H/ 6 March 2016 (MINA)- Dr. Ismail Riduan, the spoken man of Hamas members shout out the Fifth Extraordinary OIC Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif in Jakarta can get the real of the values for support Palistinianwhile in the side of politics, economics, morality, and media in the fighting of their right, include to stopping blockade of Gaza.

“We require in the OIC Summit, that the member of countries agreed to be soon to make the end of the relationship with Israel and commitment about the right full of Palestinians,” said Ridwan to the correspondent Mi‘raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) in Gaza, Muhammad Husein, Sunday (6/3).

Hamas require for all the participant of The OIC Summit to show the place for caring of Al-Aqsho and respondserious about the mosque of Al-Aqsho from the effort of Yahudisasi then give the punish for every doing of Israel criminalwhich has blotted the holiness of mosque of Al-Aqsho.

He said that Hamas shout out the Islamic countries and Arab to make maximal the potential all inside, which its economics morality, politic, media and other for Al-Quds and the mosque of Al-Aqsho.

“We also shout out for countries of OIC can bring every person of formal authority of Israel to the International of court to held accountable for the variety of accusation of doing criminal and the crime of war which make bargained away of the human right that they had been doing,” said him.

also Hamas shout out Arabic countries and all muslim people in the world to interlacing the coalescence and stopped conflicts around muslim, in other to be focus to find the solution of the problem Al-Quds the Fifth Extraordinary OIC Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif  which did because of the conflict middle east which make caring and notice is deep low, while the process of the talking of peace between Palestinian and Israel not show anything of the increasing values.

The authority and the illegal place of Israel almost continue to use the hardness did to the people of Palestine and make limited difficult of the way for them to go to mosque of Al-Aqsho.

This conference is spread out as the act of OKI countries about its development. By the main idea is “United for just solution the Fifth Extraordinary OIC Summit on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif  2016 try to goad to get the meaning of coalescence in other for muslim Palestine or OIC countries, and increase the Palestinians fighting across UN and another personal of multi-national . Also is talked about the form of team of evokes, the given of money, the development of the source best human include the diplomat of Palestine and then the building of creative for Palestinians.

The planning of OIC will get the values of resolution to make sure about the Principe and the commitment OIC for support Palestine and Al-Quds as-Syarif, and about Jakarta declaration which bring by Indonesia to make the real ways for Palestine and Al-Quds as-Syarif.  (nia/K08/R07)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)