Hamas Appreciates Attacks In Jerusalem Killed Israeli Settler

Hamas Appreciates Attacks In Jerusalem Killed Israeli Settlers (photo: Palinfo)

Gaza, MINA – The Palestinian resistance faction in Gaza, Hamas expressed its appreciation for the bombing attack in the city of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) which killed one Israeli settler and injured 22 others, including three in critical condition.

Hamas spokesperson, Abdul Latif Qanu said that the bombing attack was a natural response to the escalation of Zionist violations and crimes against the Palestinian people.

“The bombing attack in Al-Quds is the result of Israeli crimes and Jewish settlers against the Palestinian people and the Aqsa Mosque,” said Abdul Latif as quoted from Palinfo on Thursday.

The bombing attacks that took place on Wednesday morning were located at two terminals in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

According to Israeli sources, the first explosion was set off at the bus terminal by an electric bicycle rider, who managed to get away from the scene.

The Israeli occupation police said an explosion occurred at 7:05 a.m. local time, at the bus terminal at the Javat Shaol junction, near the exit of the city of Jerusalem, which killed one Israeli and injured several others.

About half an hour from the first explosion, another explosion was heard from the bus terminal at the Ramot Al-Quds junction, which injured three Israeli settlers, but only minor injuries.

Several Israeli media said the police had closed the gates of the city of Jerusalem and were conducting an investigation.

Since occupying the city of Jerusalem in 1967, the Israeli Zionists have taken administrative and security control of the city.

Palestinians living in the city of Jerusalem often become victims of Zionist crimes, including efforts by the Zionists to take control of the Aqsa Mosque. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)