Halal Application for Muslim Travelers

Jakarta, MINA – International Indonesian Halal Tour Package Specialist, Cheria Holiday, has been developing applications specifically for Muslim travelers.

Muslim travelers could easily to find halal restaurants and mosques for prayer. This application is called Halal Traveler.

Halal Traveler activist who is also CEO of Cheria Holiday Cheriatna explained, this application would provide a solution for Muslim tourists who want to travel to all around the world but often find it difficult to find halal locations and the closest mosques to perform prayers.

“Simply by downloading the Halal Traveler application, we can immediately find the closest restaurants and mosques even in non-Muslim countries,” Cheriatna told MINA on Wednesday.

In addition, this application also has prayer directions or Qibla. This greatly helps Muslim travelers to know the direction of prayer more accurately. Halal tour information is also available in the application.

According to Cheriatna, this application would continuesly to be developed and equipped with additional features such as weather information, Muslim shopping and so on.

“The advantages of this application compared to other applications, users are not bothered by the display of advertisements so that it is more comfortable to be used by Muslim travelers,” she said.

When it was launched on January 25, 2019, there were over 500 Muslim travelers who used the Halal Traveler application.

Currently, the new Halal Traveler application has been available at Playstore. “God willing, if the response is good, I want to go to Ios too,” Cheriatna added. (TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)