Gaza’s Incendiary Balloons Fire Five Israeli Settlements

Gaza's Incendiary Balloons (photo: special)

Gaza, MINA – As 12 fires broke out in 5 Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip, due to the launch of incendiary balloons from the Strip.

According to Quds Press from Hebrew radio, the fires broke out in the settlements of Nahal Oz, Bari, Alumim, Ein Hashlusha, and Kissufim.

It indicated that explosions occurred in the settlement of “Sderot”, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, as a result of the launch of incendiary balloons.

And the balloons launched today caused the burning of about two thousand dunams (one thousand square meters) of agricultural land in the settlements, according to the same source.

The Hebrew Broadcasting Corporation indicated that the launching of the incendiary balloons came hours after Hamas launched an “unusually” batch of experimental missiles from the Gaza Strip towards the sea.

From time to time, Palestinian militants launch balloons loaded with incendiary materials from Gaza into Israel, and the latter responds by bombing sites belonging to the armed Palestinian factions.

The Palestinians developed new ways to resist the occupation. Among them are the use of balloons and kites loaded with Molotov cocktails and improvised explosive devices, and their launching towards Israeli targets inside the occupied territories in 1948.

These balloons and planes caused the burning of large areas of settler land planted with wheat and barley, as well as the burning of hundreds of dunams of forests, which caused the Israelis huge financial losses due to the burning of their crops, and some of them were forced to harvest them early.

And until the moment, the occupation army’s attempts to deal with these balloons and aircraft have failed, which have become a real threat to the crops near the separation fence.

As a result, the army pursued anyone who launched a plane or balloon by firing at him, whether through its planes or snipers. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)