Gaza Abundant Sacrificial Animals, Weak Purchasing

In Gaza Abundant Sacrificial Animals, Weak Purchasing (photo:Special)

Gaza, MINA – The decline of economic conditions and reduction in salaries to the lowest level makes citizens in Gaza unable to sacrifice as in previous years.

It was revealed by Abu Nafez, a Gaza citizen who used to sacrifice every year when Eid Al-Adha arrived.

“Years ago, sacrificial animals existed on almost every street and alley in Gaza Strip. But since two years, people who are able and classified as rich in Gaza Strip can no longer buy them. “Abu Nafez told Palinfo on Monday.

According to him, these conditions occur due to the tight and suffocating blockade that has continued to be imposed on Gaza Strip for 13 consecutive years by Israeli occupation government.

Jabir al-Nairab, one of livestock owners, also said that this year, purchasing power of Gazans to buy sacrificial animals was at the lowest level.

“Even institutions that usually take large amounts but now their demand is falling about half,” he said.

He said the price of sacrificial animals this year was lower than in previous years. The price of sacrificial animals per kilo is around 15 shekels to around 17 shekels compared to last year ranging from 19 shekels to 21 shekels per kilo.

Nairab said the price of sacrificial animals was reasonable and very low compared to previous years. “But overall economic situation and scarcity of money circulation in Gaza Strip determines the ability of people to buy sacrificial animals.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian Agriculture Deputy Minister Ibrahim Al-Qudra stressed that sacrificial animals are abundant this year. There are about 12 thousand head of cattle and 25 to 30 thousand sheep, which is very sufficient for the residents of Gaza Strip.

He explained that his ministry conducted animal inspections and distributed for breeding or sold in Gaza Strip markets. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)