Indonesia Foreign Ministry Hampered by Verification Related to Indonesian Citizens Died at Syrian

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking for the truth of news that an Indonesian woman citizen was found dead in Al-Hol refugee camp, Syria.

“The government, especially through Indonesian Embassy in Damascus is trying to verify the truth of information about the existence of dead women that reported as Indonesian citizens in Syrian camp,” said Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah when confirmed by MINA on Wednesday, July 31.

He explained that the verification process would require a long time because the situation in Syria which until now had not been conducive.

“Moreover, referring to the news, the location of the incident is under supervision of group that opposite with Syrian government,” he said.

Earlier, Kurdish Hawar News Agency reported that the camp’s management worked with Internal Security Force, quickly finding and bringing the identified woman named Sudarmini to Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital.

After a medical examination by the forensic doctor, according to the Red Crescent report, the woman is six months pregnant and died of violence. Bruises were reported to be found in all over woman’s body.

The news agency that located in the Kurdish region of Al Hasaka, North Syria, said Sudarmini was known to have three children and her father named Sardi and his mother named Nasia. Meanwhile, the motives behind her death are still unknown.

The Al-Hol camp accommodates thousands of mercenary families, many cases of violence took place at the site and observers saw it as a bomb if it could not be controlled. (L/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)