Filipino Ulema Abobacar Holds Da’wah for Converts

Mindanao, MINA – Abobacar Menampan from Manila, Philippines visited to Colobe, Palimbang city, Sultan Kudarat Province, Mindanao Island, southern Philippines, led by Shaykh Watteau Ibrahim, said his institution continues to work in da’wah for converts.

He traveled from the capital Manila to Santos City, then to Mindanao, stopping at the Umm Abdul-Aziz Mosque. He is accompanied by Nurrudin (from the Libuwa area) and Kaharuddin (Kolong-Kolong).

The Islamic Education and Guidance Orphanage organization in Manila, which he manages, last September received several people to embrace Islam on the island of Luzon.

“Currently, we are teaching the meaning of the shahadah sentence, the procedure for performing ablution, the procedure for praying, reading in prayer, and teaching the reading of the Quran,” said Abobacar, MINA contributors in the Philippines reported on Saturday.

The converts were also introduced to the five pillars of Islam and the six pillars of faith, he continued, during a visit to Mindanao accompanied by his colleague, Ustadz Mansor.

He also said that his party is planning to build a prayer room for converts.

“We must continue to strengthen Islamic da’wah. We have to keep going, lest we get tired of preaching,” said Sheikh Watteau after receiving the explanation.

Including he continued, even though it was still in the pandemic period, the delivery of da’wah in several mosques in the area continued. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)