FIFA, Qatar and Exposure of Hypocrisy (By: Shamsi Ali)

By: Imam Shamsi Ali, President of the Nusantara Foundation

I have no interest in Qatar as a state/country and therefore, as in many cases, I have no one to support/commend or criticize but more to what For me “value” is far more important than individuals (individuals or nations).

Therefore my praise for Qatar is more because of the “praiseworthy value” shown as the host for the grand event of world football (World Cup) which is currently entering the 8th round of the biggest. This success once again is not just about professionalism as a “host” (host) of the world cup championship. But also because of Qatar’s firmness which is coupled with the beauty of character in displaying the “values” it believes in.

The value we mean here, of course, is Islam itself. At the same time, the values ​​of the nobility of the Arab nation (karomah ‘Arabaikah) have long been known as a nation that glorifies guests (ikrom ad-dhuyuuf).

It is undeniable that this grand world football event is also a door for exposure to many things, both positive and negative things in the eyes of those of us who believe.

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First, exposure to the beauty of Islam represented by the host’s powerful character. Not only are the various facilities prepared by the Qatari government professional and very satisfying. From airports, accommodation, fields/stadiums, to various public services that are coordinated directly by the government or voluntarily by Qatari citizens. But the manners (ethics) of acceptance of the Qatari nation reflect noble Islamic values ​​(akhlak Islamiyah).

Another exposure from this event is the firmness of the state of Qatar to adhere to (committed) to the (Islamic) values ​​it believes in. Strict Islamic values ​​in the enforcement of “al-maruf” (good) and the rejection of “al-munkaraat” (bad). Without intending to discuss this subject in detail, among the issues discussed by the general public, there are two that are the most discussed. Namely a ban on consuming alcohol in public spaces and a ban on LGBTQ symbols during the event.

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Qatar’s assertiveness received various reactions from various parts of the world. Most of the world’s Muslim community welcomed it with joy and pride. But there is still a small part of this ummah who is insinuating in the name of freedom and human rights.

Actually what I want to talk about this time in relation to Qatar’s firm stance is the “hypocritical stand” (hypocritical position) of those who claim that the Western world is responding to Qatar’s position. In the name of “freedom and human rights” they criticized Qatar for its ban on alcohol in public places and LGBTQ symbols and other displays of immorality.

In fact, what they are doing without realizing it is “self-exposure” of various hypocrisies that have so far been shown without any sense of shame. The Western world often feels the most civilized (civilized). But can anyone deny the barbarity of the Western world in history in other parts of the world?

I am reminded of the statement of the President of FIFA when responding to criticism of Qatar: “I think we have to look back 300 years and apologize 300 years in the future for the sins we (West) have committed.”

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The Western world often feels the most tolerant. But how many cases of intolerance have occurred in various countries called the Western world, including Australia? To be honest, just because of media manipulation (without the tendency of justification, of course), often what comes to the surface are cases of intolerance that have occurred in the Islamic world.

We could have written long notes on various Western confessions and the actual reality on the ground. But let it be exposed in time in the way that God has ordained. One way that God seems to have ordained is the world football championship and Qatar’s position in upholding the values ​​it believes in.

The exposure of that hypocrisy is again happening before our eyes without shame. What a shame! (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)