Facilitate Lecturers to Obtain PhD, Education Ministry Holds Online Talent Scouting

Director General of Higher Education Kemendikbud Prof. Nizam (photo: screenshot)

Jakarta, MINA – Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) held a Webinar (online seminar) Talent Scouting to facilitate lecturers who are interested in continuing their studies to obtain the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The purpose of Talent Scouting is to increase the readiness of lecturers to study abroad by honing the Entrepreneur and innovative mindset patterns and networking with universities abroad.

Director General of Higher Education Kemendikbud Prof. Nizam in a webinar with the theme “Talent Scouting: Road to PhD,” on Monday advised participants who are struggling to obtain PhD or S3 scholarship, as well as preparing to build collaboration or networking with tertiary institutions in overseas.

“If possible, the network is not only built by individuals but in an institutional form, for example connecting between universities from mother or father where you study abroad so that the network that is built will be more beneficial and higher feedback,” Nizam said.

Talent scouting with the theme Road to PhD is a non-regular talent scouting, the second serial program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture Directorate of Human Resources, previously the first with the theme Talent Scouting Education Ireland and last June.

“This program is the second series to share the experiences of my friends who have studied S3 with scholarships from the government and our partners abroad,” he said.

In addition, Nizam also asked lecturers who are interested in continuing their studies to prepare themselves so that whenever an opportunity their scholarships are ready.

“We thank the partners who have participated in building human capacity in Indonesia, especially scholarships for lecturers. Scholarships for lecturers are high multiplayer because each lecturer teaches at least less than 100 students each semester, multiplied by his service period at the minimum university 30 years of course tens of thousands of students have benefited from scholarships given to lecturers, “he explained.

Talent scouting cooperates with alumni who receive overseas postgraduate scholarships to share success stories in selecting and obtaining doctorate degrees from the best universities in the world.

Meanwhile, Director of Human Resources of Higher Education M. Sofwan Effendi added, since 2008 the Directorate General of Higher Education has succeeded in printing more than 3,000 Doctorates from overseas graduates through postgraduate education scholarships.

“These alumni who call themselves as Diktis are spread in various universities throughout Indonesia, in fact many of them have become professors and occupy positions at the level of university leadership. We hope they can be an inspiration to other fellow lecturers who will following in the footsteps of his success in pursuing doctoral studies abroad, as a stepping stone to achieving a higher career path and helping to advance national education in Indonesia, “he added.

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)