Dozens of Artist Participate in An Exhibition to Express Extent of Israeli Aggression Against Gaza

Photo: Quds Press

Gaza, MINA – Dozens of Palestinian male and female artists participated on Tuesday, in an exhibition of plastic art under the name “Dust and Stones”, which expressed the extent of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip on May 11, and lasted 11 days.

The mayor of Gaza Yahya Al-Sarraj, who opened the exhibition in the arts and crafts village of the municipality, confirmed that this exhibition confirms that “Gaza has withstood the aggression.”. Thus, it was quoted from Quds Press.

He stressed that the paintings that were displayed in this exhibition confirm the love of the people of Gaza for life and that they resolved to rebuild it, regardless of the extent of the Israeli destruction, considering that this exhibition is part of the resistance to the occupation with a brush.

Through 30 paintings that were displayed, artists expressed the insistence of the Palestinian people to rebuild what was destroyed by the occupation, embodying their steadfastness in the face of Israeli destruction and their victorious exit from under the rubble.

The artist, Kholoud Al-Aklouk, painted a funeral for a Palestinian martyr shared by all the Palestinian spectrum, with a picture of mosques, churches and towers in the background, with the Palestinian flag in the background.

In her interview with Quds Press, Al-Aklouk confirmed that her painting reflects the reality that the Palestinian people lived through during the aggression, including the funeral of the martyrs but without surrendering or raising the white flag while raising the Palestinian flag.

She considered that her participation in the exhibition is part of giving back to the steadfast Palestinian people and their resistance that they embrace. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)