Death Toll of Students Bus Accident in Subang, West Java Reach to 11 People

Bus Accident in Subang, West Java (photo: Instagram @eksploresubang)

Subang, MINA – The death toll of a tourist bus accident in Subang, West Java reached to 11 people.

The 11 people killed consisted of 9 students at Lingga Kencana Vocational School, Depok, West Java, 1 teacher and 1 resident near the scene of the incident.

As quoted from CNN Indonesia, the police provided information regarding the chronology of the tourist bus accident in Subang, West Java, on Saturday. The bus reportedly swerved on a downhill road.

This fatal accident occurred at around 18.45 WIB and involved a tourism group bus and several vehicles on Kampung Palasari Street, Palasari Village, Subang Regency, West Java.

Head of West Java Regional Police Public Relations Commissioner Jules Abraham Abast said that initially the Trans Putera Fajar bus swerved to the right as it crossed a downhill road.

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The bus with plate number AD 7524 OG then hit a Feroza brand vehicle from the opposite direction. The bus rolled on its side with the left tire on top, then skidded and hit three motorbikes parked on the shoulder of the road.

“The bus stopped after hitting a pole on the shoulder of the road heading from Subang to Bandung right in front of the As Saadah Mosque,” said Jules in an official statement.

A total of five vehicles were involved in the accident, namely one bus, three motorbikes and one car.

“The farewell group bus for students from Lingga Kencana Vocational School, Depok, has held a farewell event in Bandung,” said Head of the Subang Transportation Service, Asep Setia Permana, when contacted Saturday evening.

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So far, authorities have reported that the death toll is 11 people, with four of them dying at the scene.

Meanwhile, the injured victims were rushed to a number of health facilities such as Ciereng Regional Hospital, Hamori Hospital, Jalancagak Community Health Center. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)