China Slams US over Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Photo: BBC

Beijing, MINA – China on Friday criticized the United States (US) for a new law related to preventing forced labor of ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang Province.

“US law maliciously undermines the human rights situation in Xinjiang by ignoring facts and truths,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement, referring to the law signed into law by US President Joe Biden on Thursday.

“This is a gross violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations and deeply interferes with China’s internal affairs. China regrets and firmly rejects this,” said the statement as quoted from Anadolu Agency.

China accuses the US of using Xinjiang-related issues to create rumors, trouble and engage in political manipulation and economic coercion.

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The US law prohibits imports from the Uighur-majority Xinjiang autonomous region in northwest China and imposes sanctions on foreign individuals responsible for alleged forced labor in the region.

“It makes no sense for the US, a country with a pathetic track record of human rights issues, to accuse and smear China,” the statement said.

“The US has a serious problem in human trafficking and forced labour. Up to 100,000 people are trafficked to the US for forced labor each year for the past five years. Crimes against humanity against Native Americans in the past constitute a de facto genocide. The US should keep the labels of ‘forced labor’ and ‘genocide’ to itself,” the statement added.

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that the issues related to Xinjiang are not human rights issues at all, but are essentially about countering violent terrorism and separatism.

“The so-called accusations of ‘forced labor’ and ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang are nothing but cruel lies fabricated by anti-China forces,” the ministry stressed.

China suspects that Washington is trying to undermine the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang and restrain China’s development under the pretext of human rights.

“The US actions are a complete violation of market principles and commercial ethics. Such a move would only undermine the stability of global industry and supply chains, disrupt international trade order and hurt US interests and credibility alone,” the statement said.

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China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the US to immediately correct its mistakes and stop using Xinjiang-related issues to spread lies, interfere in China’s internal affairs and restrain China’s development.

“China will make further responses in light of the development of the situation,” the statement added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)